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Genres: Soul, Funk, RnB 8-11-2018, 06:25 63 musiclover
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Audio: FLAC 16 bit / 44.1 kHz (Tracks)
Performer: Vivian Sessoms
Title: Life
Published: 2018
Genre: R&B, Soul
RAR Size: 346 Mb

01. 7th Heaven (Intro) [feat. Freedom Bremner & Charisa "The Violin Diva" Rouse] (1:03)
02. No Greater Love (& Loves Refrain Reprise) [feat. Casey Benjamin & Paradigm] (7:17)
03. Under My Skin (feat. Paradigm) (6:33)
04. Superwoman (feat. Shedrick Mitchell) (5:12)
05. Gabriels Lament (feat. Keyon Harrold) (0:57)
06. Dreaming Of A Boy (feat. Keyon Harrold) (6:38)
07. See Lude (feat. Meku Yisrael) (1:16)
08. See Line Woman (feat. Vincent Gardner, Kenyatta Beasley & Donny McCaslin) (5:54)
09. New Earth (0:53)
10. People (& Belles Personnes Reprise) [feat. Shedrick Mitchell & Amp Fiddler] (6:27)
11. O.O.B.E (0:42)
12. Lush Life (& Love Sick Reprise) [feat. Shedrick Mitchell & Keyon Harrold] (For Jen) (7:19)
13. High Life (feat. Charissa “The Violin Diva” Rouse) (1:09)
14. Strange Fruit (feat. Shedrick Mitchell) (5:19)
15. Portal (0:57)

Vivian Sessoms was born in Harlem, and was raised between Philly and Harlem as a child with some stops in Newark & Camden NJ. As she likes to say – ‘she lived in all the ‘hoods. Her parents were free thinkers, creatives who were immersed in music and cultural expression. Early on she just knew that one day she would be a singer, and that knowledge became a compelling need that drove her forward. With her parents singing and playing music around her, harmonizing and sharing the essence, the structure of music, there was never another option. The church figured in as well, as her grandmother made sure she was in church most Sundays, and the spirit of gospel music was forever entangled with her destiny.

Many of us are separated from the realization of our destiny, but this is not so with Vivian. As a young girl she expressed the sense of her presence in history through music, and as she began to seek career opportunities she landed a gig with the great Ryuichi Sakamoto. One can not overstate the challenge of performing as a young vocalist with a music master like Sakamoto; singing in Japanese, Vivian was able to match her Black American roots with the expansive knowledge of an acclaimed ethno-musiciologist. Sakamoto brings a unique perspective: rather than expanding out from the root, he begins from a classical background and adds elements of multicultural styles to his final compositions. It is exactly this approach that brings Vivian’s album – LIFE – into sharp focus. The roots of her musical upbringing (soul, jazz, gospel) are there in powerful form, and yet a diverse and universal aspect is presented in every arrangement and composition.

And so, prepare yourself for the world of Vivian Sessoms - the versatile singer - songwriter - arranger - producer of LIFE. The album is a trans-generational document that manages to speak directly to this time on earth. All of the ingredients of a worldly mix of styles are present, with the groove and feeling of the church, the popular music of her time, and players that make it fresh. Led by Vivian and co-producer, Chris Parks, LIFE features a diverse cast of musicians, beginning with her persistent collaborations with Saxophonist Casey Benjamin and Pianist Shedrick Mitchell and followed by appearances from Brandee Younger, Keyon Harrold, Donny McCaslin, and Gregoire Maret, among others.

While there is no shortage of acclaimed musicians included in this project, it is clear LIFE is a labor of love, and not just titles. Ever present in the creation of this record is Chris Parks, Vivian’s long time creative partner. Every recorded album is a document - a testament to life at a certain time, or perhaps in a series of times. It would be easy to state that Vivian Sessoms’ voice is transcendent, but LIFE, the album, takes that voice and takes it higher; the songs on LIFE are for all of us, built of collaboration, of love, and of purpose.

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